Twelve Quarantine Essentials

Over quarantine, I have things that keep me entertained.

Here is a picture of twelve essentials that keep me entertained.


                                                         Photo by Cooper’s mom
  1. A speaker because music is one of my passions.

  2. My VR goggles to watch Netflix with.

  3. A drawing notebook to make creations in.

  4. Hairbrushes come in handy.

  5. My toothbrush so I can brush my teeth twice a day or more.

  6. My book, reading is another thing I enjoy.

  7. My I pad for the weekend and when I earn it.

  8. My favorite stuffed animal is a good one for cuddling.

  9. My spray bottle I can’t brush my hair without it!

  10. Cooper, my standard poodle, who is always playful.

  11. I have glasses on under the emoji, and they keep my eyes safe.

  12. I have activity boxes above me I use them a lot.

Those are my twelve I hope you tell me what your twelve Quarantine essentials are.




One thought on “Twelve Quarantine Essentials

  1. Cooper, it’s lovely to see your quarantine list. I think we have “met” before. My name is Ms. Lirenman and I am a grade 3/4 teacher in Vancouver, Canada. I love that you and your classmates have taken the Quarantine Essentials challenge. My list would have my computer on it, and some chocolate too. I’d have my shoes for walking and my phone for taking photos. I’d have my yoga mat and some of my exercise equipment but I have to think about which. What do you wish you had in your home right now that you don’t that could make your time in quarantine even better? For me, it would be a cook and a cleaner. 🙂

    Keep safe,
    Ms. Lirenman
    Grade 3/4 Teacher
    Vancouver, Canada

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